Customer Letters


Thank you so much to all the wonderful people who take the time to write to us. We are so sorry we can not put them all on, but we really love recieving them.

Jean and Eli Grasson
Dear Scooters-4-Rent,
I just wanted to thank you for making our trip to Ocean City, Maryland such a happy time. Your service was wonderful and so friendly even when we decided to come a day earlier then we planned. Thank you for dropping what you were doing to bring our scooter so we didn't have to wait for the day we had reserved it. I will use you every time I come to Ocean City and have told my friends about you. I think Kay and Matt Langston have booked their scooter for their cruise. Thank you again for everything and the restaurant you recommended was great.
Your new friends,
Jean and Eli

Kyle Bander
Annapolis, Maryland
Thanks Les for making my R&R a lot easier then I thought it would be. I really needed the rest and it helped getting around with my bum leg. My wife and kids also liked that I was able to do things with them. I am scheduled to go back over there and hopefully the next time home will be permanent. It was nice hearing how thankful you are to me and the others that are fighting to keep us all safe.
Take care and thanks again.

Shelly Frankle
Just a small note to say thank you for the wheelchair. Grams went everywhere and even though she has 48 years on us, we were the ones who were tired. We figured the next time we will all need a wheelchair.
Thank you again.
Shelly & Grams ( Louise Henderson)

Dear Les and Gail,
Thank you so much for all your help in my special situation. You both really made Lou's last few months so much happier. Lou was always so relaxed when we stayed in Ocean City. You really went the extra mile getting all the information and phone numbers of people we may have needed. It has only been a month since he left us, but the memories we shared in Ocean City will last a life time. God Bless you and all the wonderful things you did for Lou and I. Thank you so much for the wonderful flowers and gift basket. I will remember you always.
Most sincerely,
Diane Bennett

Dear Gail,
Well Gail, I made it there and back, safe and more broken bones. I had such a wonderful vacation and great weather too. Your scooter made my cruise so much more enjoyable. I was able to fully enjoy all the sights, without all the walking. You provide such a wonderful service. Next trip, I will be calling you again. The scooter is perfect for cruises. Keep smiling.
Charles N. Pinder
Seaford, Delaware

Mark and Caroline Flack
Cambridge, Maryland
Dear Les,
Thank you for the kind and courteous service you gave me when I rented the scooter from you. I don't think I would have made it without it. The next time we get the family together for our vacation, guess who I will be calling. Thanks for everything and I hope you liked the gift.
God Bless,

Dear Scooter4rent,
If anyone wants a recommendation about your service have them call me. You all were so friendly and accommodating. I have told anyone who will listen about your great service. I never knew you could rent a scooter.
Great!! Great!! Great!!
Graham Deshoon

You are such a wonderful person. I feel like I have made a wonderful new friend. You were so sweet and patient with me answering all of my many questions and making sure I got everything I needed. You explained everything to me until I was satisfied. You took your time to make sure the scooter I needed was right for me. You really made me feel like a million dollars. I love my new scooter, it lets me go everywhere I want and I have missed that. Thank you so much. I can see it is not just a business to you, but a way to help others.
God Bless you.
Ella Parker

Gail Heckman
I thought I would write and let you know how much Buddy and I enjoyed our vacation. I enjoyed all the sights and zoomed right along with the others. I couldn't believe how easy the scooter was to fit into the truck everything about the rental was wonderful. I was able to take my own pictures instead of relying on Buddy for the vacation pictures. Thank you again for everything.
Judy and Buddy Clemens

Dear Gail,
I just wanted to drop you a line to say THANK YOU ! The scooter worked out great for my dad while we were in Ocean City, it gave him the freedom to get around when and where he wanted. I also greatly appreciated your assistance when we were having problems with our van, it was so kind of you to offer to bring us parts to repair it ! As it ended up, the part we thought we needed wasn't right , but the store that you directed us to( Advanced Auto Parts) had an awesome employee who worked very hard to fix our problem and sent us on our way with air conditioning ! The rest of our family is coming this month and we have already given them the information to see you for a scooter!
Holly Miller

Hello Gail,
Thank you so much for your help with the scooters and the room info! They worked out wonderfully, be blessed!
Shari Taylor

We wanted to thank you for helping us have such a wonderful vacation. Chris and I were able to do so much more because of the scooter. Gail you were so friendly and very helpful with all your suggestions. Thank you for all the help and we will see you next year.
Lacey and Mark Venables

Shannon Schlee
I didn't rent from Scooters-4-Rent because I live 5 hours from the areas they service but I wanted everyone to know Gail got me names and locations of companies that would rent a mobility scooter in my area. Gail even called back with another rental company that for filled all my needs. I just wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful help. I didn't know people still cared about going the extra step to help someone. Gail you are a pleasure. When we go to Ocean City next time I'm calling you.

Carol & Bill Wingate
Thank you so much. Bill was able to get around much easier with the scooter. You're the best.

Dear Scooters4rent,
Thank you for your help with our wheelchair needs and on our purchase of our new power chair it is working out terrific. We also called the person you recommended for the ramp and he gave us a nice discount. You both have helped us out so much.
Thank you,
Tony and Irene Stein

Al and Candy Korbett
Gail,We had such a good time with our family. The mobility scooter worked out great. I will be in touch to buy my Christmas present LOL. I will be very sorry that I won't be renting and talking to you. I loved our talks and you are so helpful in many ways. I am very grateful to you.

Hey Gail,
The cruise was wonderful. I hated coming home. I thought about being a stowaway but have to earn money for my next cruise. Who thought of renting a scooter for a cruise, it was great. You need to take a cruise someday. The scooter was a true God send I had such a blast. I went everywhere. Next cruise Alaska. Take care and thanks.
Karen Sulteth

Summer Flankenstern,
Merry Christmas Gail. Just a most appreciated thank you for your help with the wheelchair rental, reservations and your suggestions on restaurants and shopping ideas. My sister and Mom loved the paintings, that place is amazing. You should be a gift shopper consultant for people, I would use you. Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year.

I wanted to thank you and Gail for all the help you gave me on the rental and the purchase of the scooters. The scooter worked out very well on my trip. I will be going back in 8 months and will call when I need it again. I'm so glad I bought the one for my Mom, she loves it.
Lance Custis

Hi Gail and Les,
Just thought I would tell you how terrific you both were to us. I plan on using you every time I come into town. If it wasn't for you doing all my maps, I would have been lost and never found. You both go way beyond what the other company I used ever did, and your prices are great too. Take care and I will call you in June.
Regan and Matthew Lorche

Debbie Eagan,
I would like to tell you how much we appreciated you helping with our last minute guest. You made my fathers trip much more enjoyable. It is very hard for him to get around and enjoy himself and your scooter made his stay a complete pleasure. My father loved the Outback Steakhouse you recommended, he loves his meat and potatoes. Thanks again.
Debbie C. Egan


Thank you very much for your concern with our rental. It is much appreciated! You guys are wonderful!! We'll be back in the Fall and will be calling you again!! have a great day!
Jeff Freedman

Thank you so much for the scooter that I rented . It made my cruise to Bermuda wonderful. I just had to drop this message to you to say how much I appreciate your services and will recommend them to everyone who is in need of a scooter or powerchair. It was very comfortable, easy to handle, and beautiful in looks, Everybody on the cruise wanted to know where I rented such a beautiful scooter and I told them to read the information on the back of the chair to the scooter and they all wrote it down so I am sure you will have many rentals next year for the cruises going out of Baltimore Maryland, and your Son was so wonderful and professional. Again thank you so much for your wonderful services.
Frieda Blake

I want to THANK you so much. I have been telling everyone you are the place to rent a scooter. I loved my stay with your scooter letting me get out and around. I was in Ocean City last year and could not get down the boardwalk for more then 15 mins and thanks to you I was on the go most of the time. Your scooters are great and easy to run. You are a great lady just talking to you made me like you. And I will come back for a scooter from now on, and I will tell everyone you are the place. Thank you again and I will talk to again.
A friend always Peggy Fink

Dear Gail,
I wanted to write and express to you how delighted I was with the service that you provided us for our rental from 8/25/2012 - 8/27/2012. Having a mobility scooter for my mother's visit allowed us to go places that would not have been possible. The unit was in perfect working order and was able to provide us mobility to the Washington D.C. museums all day on Monday. Also, I was amazed at how reasonable the rental fee was compared to your competitors. I was also delighted that we didn't need to rent the scooter for a one or two week minimum but could rent it for only the days we needed it. Dealing with the logistics of pick-up and delivery was also a delight. You guys are so easy to work with.
I am very grateful for the service. When my mother comes in for another visit, you guys will be the first phone call.
Matthew Toll

I just wanted to say how pleased we were with your service this weekend. Our daughter had arranged for 2 scooters to be delivered to our hotel in Ocean City as a surprise. They were waiting for us when we arrived and picked up at the hotel when we left. The service and convenience couldn't be beat. We certainly will use your company when we come back to Ocean City or Rehoboth.
Joyce & Vernon Bacon

Just wanted to let you know that my parents loved the scooters. Your service was awesome. The scooters were waiting for us and my parents really enjoyed using them. It has been many years since they were able to go on the Boardwalk in OC. Words cannot describe the joy I had watching them act like kids again. I will recommend you to everyone. I looked for you on FB and it is a generic page. You can update the page with all your correct information and then I can share the page to my friends.
Anyway, thanks for making this such a special get-a-way.
Brenda Martin

Hello Gail,
You are such a wonderful person. You saved my life and my mother-in-laws. I will be renting another wheelchair in February and again for our summer vacation in June. Thank you for everything you wonderful person. You are now part of my family.
Love ya,
Dana Kimball

Hi Gayle
I wanted to thank you for the Mobility scooter I rented from you. It was great, it worked perfectly and it was brand new. I loved using it and I will be contacting you from now on whenever I need to rent a scooter or wheelchair.
Darrell Smith

Dearest Gail,
I wanted to take a moment to say you are an amazing person for starting this company. Your company helped me so much and the 9 others in my travel party. We had such a good time and it was all because of your service you provide. You even recommended a good restaurant and it was wonderful. Your company even accommodated us when we had 3 last minute friends come with us. I love your service and I love you. I will tell everyone about you and your company. Thank you so much.
Rebecca Slankman

Dear Gail and Stephen,
It was such a pleasure dealing with your company. I don't know what I would have done without you Gail and you understanding of my needs. You saved my vacation with the lift chair, scooter and beach wheelchair. The list of restaurants you provided was also so helpful. Stephen was a great guy and set up everything with a smile and explained everything. I just love your company and the way you care about your customers. Companies like yours are disappearing and it is so sad now it is so cold and uncaring. I am so glad you are a family business where customers come first. I will always rent from you and if I buy a scooter it will be from your company.
A very satisfied customer,
Janet Dagmire

Thank you Scooters4Rent,
You were great when I broke my leg in Ocean City. I can't believe you all had my scooter delivered within the hour of me calling. The scooter was wonderful and the delivery man Bill was so nice and patient with me. You have a great service. My Mom and Dad rented from you two weeks later and loved you all too. Thanks for everything you do. until next time.
Carla Shorts

You all have an amazing company and your employees are great. I loved talking to Gale and she explained everything I needed to know without hurrying me off the phone. I think we could become friends because she is a wonderful person to talk to. It was nice comparing medical notes. I loved the wheelchair and the guy who delivered it. Steve was so patient and understanding. I wish I could have done more in appreciation. I will be back next year and everyone I know will know about you. I was stopped on the boardwalk about the scooter and I told everyone how great you were. I hope you get some added business.
Thanks again,
Arthur and Gretta Melnick

Thank you for providing me with a great power chair and lift chair. I could not bring my power chair with me because it was so heavy, took up to much room and it was acting up again. You were so nice to me and you even made arrangements to come and install batteries at my house, to fix the power chair I have. You fixed me up on vacation and at home. Your suggestion for a lift chair was spot on and my back never felt better. You have great prices and I will tell everyone about you. Gale you are such a wonderful person and let me talk your ears off. I feel like I have a new friend. Thank you for what you did for me.
Very thankful, Joan Clark

Nice chatting with you Gail. You have a good company and good product. I had a good trip. Thanks for the rental.
Windom Blankenship

Ms. Gale.
You are a super woman. You dealt with my daughter, my son, my husband and me, making arrangements for our trip to Fenwick Island. You not only brought us a scooter, you gave provided a back pack to carry my medicines I need all day, gave me a medical service address and phone number, incase my health became worse and found me an oxygen provider, if I needed oxygen. You are a very kind person and very good at your job. So many people do not take the extra time to make sure their customers needs have all be taken care of. You made me feel cared for and special. Thank you for your kindness and your services.
Always a customer,
Clyde and Jean Hazlitt

We love you scooters 4 rent, you are a fantastic company and your employees are terrific. I am so glad I called you. I had a very nice vacation thanks to your company.
Lizzie Cane

Thank you for selling me a really good scooter. That scooter does everything I need it to do. The cover came in handy during our road trip, so thanks for the suggestion. I will rent from you for all my trips. Have a great day.
Chase Henry

Guys and gal of scooters-4-rent,
I never knew your kind of company still existed before this trip. I like that your company is a friendly, family run business. I saw a scooter someone was riding on the boardwalk with your company number on it, so I called. You had a scooter to me in less than an hour. You saved the day and my knees.
Much obliged,
Michael Cochran

Thank you for all you did for me, the scooter is working really well now. You know your stuff kind sir. It is so nice to see a nice, mannerly, young man, like you. I think the youth of today has gone to the dogs with attitude, manners and appearance, not you young man. Thank you for the service and repairs. I liked your prices too, not real expensive and that is important when you are on a fixed income. I will be buying a new scooter soon and your company is where I am heading. The scooter I have is too massive for me to lift. I will do as you suggest and look at scooter lifts too. See you soon.
Marvin Rouse

You were my blessing on my church retreat. I would never have enjoyed myself without the service your company provided. The young man who delivered my chair was so helpful, patient and had such a good demeanor. God bless you and your company.
Ruthie Cruise

Thanks for the assist with the mobility scooter and all your help. I was in a bind and you rescued me. Thanks for the help buddy.
Lee Brock

Hi Mr. Les,
The company you work at rocks big time. I love my new power chair and how I can get around and do everything I need to do. I never went out much but now I zip around everywhere. I thought you needed to know how I appreciate you helping me get back out into the world.
Bucky Gossett

I think you are such a kind lady and I loved dealing with you and your son Stephen. I liked dealing with a good old fashioned business. You made my vacation to Ocean City a pleasure.
Lynn Wood

Scooters4rent, LLC
You all are so helpful when someone needs a way to get around. I enjoyed my vacation for the first time in a long time. Your delivery person never minded me talking and talking even though I am a Pittsburgh fan and he isn’t.
Thank you from an old Pittsburgh fan,
Frank Hillman